1860 December 2 Letter to Orson Hyde


1860 December 2 Letter to Orson Hyde


John Eagar will take over the Manti Tithing Office. Tithing may be used to pay those who worked on the tabernacle.




Brigham Young


Orson Hyde


1860 December 2


Great Salt Lake City


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President's Office

G.S.L. City Dec. 2d 1860.
Elder Orson Hyde,

Dear Brother:-In answer to your favor of the 28th Ult., from which and Brother Musser's report, I learn that the Tithing Matters of Sanpete have been Conducted in a very loose and careless manner and for the present I wish you to cause that the keys of the Manti Tithing Office be handed over to Bro. John Eagar who will keep a faithful account of everything that is put into and taken out of it. Bro. Hutchinson can assist Bro. Eagar in settling up the accounts-- and in filling out the Schedules for this year.

You are at liberty to draw from the Springtown Tithing Office four tons of hay, which I learn from Bro. Musser, you want. Enclosed is a G.T. Off. Order to cover the amount.

Bishop Edwards is at liberty to use some tithing hay and potatoes to pay the hands that have worked on the Tabernacle at Fort Ephraim, if he will collect on donations, from the citizens sufficient wheat to cover the amount of hay and potatoes thus employed.

Your Bro. in the Gospel

Brigham Young