1860 December 13 Letter to George Q. Cannon


1860 December 13 Letter to George Q. Cannon


Cannon is requested to seek information concerning the inheritance of David Lewis. A list of persons to assist with emigration is enclosed.




Brigham Young


George Q. Cannon


1860 December 13


Great Salt Lake City


Financial Matters

Item sets


President's Office
Great Salt Lake City
Dec. 13th 1860

Elder George Q. Cannon,

Dear Brother:
I have drawn upon you draft No 180, for £2.0.0, favor of Elizabeth Williams, Birmingham, Warwickshire; also draft No 181, for £2.0.0, favor of Peter McFee, Dumbarton, Dumbartonshire, Scotland.

Brother David Lewis, who lives in this City, has been informed that his father, Thomas Lewis, Blaendesvifawr, near Trelech, Carmarthenshire, South Wales, died lately, and left the sum of £30,000.0.0 He has not been informed the particulars of the Will, although he is the oldest of the family. I wish you to write to some competent Elder in that part of Wales to get possession of all the information to be had on the subject, and I desire to hear from you on the matter as soon as convenient.

I herewith enclose a list of persons to be aided to emigrate from Liverpool. Alexander Smith, wife and eight children, and Joseph Rees, I wish to be sent direct to this place next season

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young