1860 December 17 Letter to Henry Standish and Family


1860 December 17 Letter to Henry Standish and Family


Counsel is given to mutually forgive and forget and be re-baptized. Each has the power to make their home happy or miserable.




Brigham Young


Henry Standish and Family


1860 December 17


Great Salt Lake City

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G.S.L. City, Dec. 17, 1860.

Br Henry Standish and family:-
The brethren whom I requested to visit you have reported to me the result of their interview, and stated that you expressed a desire to know and do what is right. Such being the case, my advice is for you to mutually forgive and forget the past, be rebaptized, and in future diligently live the religion you profess.

Should you not be able to agree to all live together as a family should, I deem it but right that br. Standish provide comfortable shelter, food, raiment, &c., for such portion, if any there prove to be, as may think they can do better by living separate for a time, such portion to render reasonable assistance toward their own support.

Inasmuch as you will forgive, forget, and strive to live your religion, I had purposed omitting all notice of the past; but if you wish me to answer the question whether wives have a right to go to parties without the consent of their husbands, I would answer, no; but they have as much right to do so as husbands have to expose their wives to the society of the ungodly -- those who came here to destroy the innocent-- by inviting such characters into their houses and nourishing and cherishing them therein.

I would advise br. Standish to wean his affections more from the love of gold, silver property &c., -- things pertaining to time and sense -- and place them more strictly and steadfastly upon those principles and practices savoring of eternal lives; and to have prayers with his family each morning before breakfast, and also each evening at such stated hour, so near as may be, as will be most convenient for all.

Much more might be added, but a proper observance of the foregoing, with a realizing and observing sense that it is more or less in the power of each of you to make your home happy or miserable, as you yourselves may elect and act, and a constant election and action in accordance with the principles pertaining to eternal lives will alone produce those beneficial results to yourselves so desired by all who love the truth.

That these suggestions, penned in kindness for your welfare and happiness, will be so carried out as to redound to your temporal and spiritual welfare is the prayer of

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young