1860 December 26 Letter to Edward T. Mumford


1860 December 26 Letter to Edward T. Mumford


Counsel to comply with his obligations toward his ex-wife or risk loosing his church membership.




Brigham Young


Edward T. Mumford


1860 December 26


Great Salt Lake City


Domestic Dispute
Church Discipline

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G.S.L. City, Dec. 26, 1860.

Elder Edward T. Mumford,
Dear Brother:-I am informed that you have not complied with the award made early in March last, by br's E.D. Woolley and H.I. Eldredge, in which they decided that you should give your wife, who was formerly Mis Gheen, a deed of transfer, in her own name, of the house and lot purchased for her, in the 15th Ward in this City, and pay her fifty dollars in available means, and give her a stove equally as good as the one you received from her, or pay her the fair value of said stove.

I understand that all you have done in the aforenamed matter, in now nearly a year, has been to haul your aforesaid wife one load of wood, which you valued at $5, and claimed to apply it on the $50 you was to pay to her in "available means"

From all I can learn, your conduct in this matter has been very slack and indifferent; and should you fail to comply with the above specified award, duty will render it obligatory that you be brought before the High Council and tried for your fellowship, as such negligence is far from commendable in an Elder in Israel,

Your promptest attention to the foregoing is requested by,

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young