1861 January 10 Letter to J. E. W. (Possibly Joseph E. Works)


1861 January 10 Letter to J. E. W. (Possibly Joseph E. Works)


Brigham attempts to discern who sent him a letter and provides knowledge of his late wife's family. He offers help to emigrate if they desire.




Brigham Young


J. E. W. (Possibly Joseph E. Works)


1861 January 10


Great Salt Lake City
Marshall, Calhoun County, Michigan

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G.S.L. City, Jan. 10, 1861,

Marshall, Calhoun Co. Mich.

I have just read a letter signed J.E.W. but his signature does not enable me to learn positively who sent it to me. I can merely conjecture your name and family. If you are Joseph E. son of Asa Works and Naby Maites who lived in the Town of Aurelius Cayugo Co. I will try to give you what knowledge I have of your family.

I married Miriam Works in the year 24 she lived till the fall of 32. We joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints known as Mormons. She bore me two daughters, one named Elizabeth and the other Vilate, they are both married and have families of children.

Angelina is living with her husband Ebenezer Roberson in Iowa. Pathena died at Council Bluffs in the year 52. James the youngest of the family is living with me. When you arrive here I will tell you more fully the particulars of your family.

For any information you may need, you can write to W.H. Hooper M.C. Washington City, omit any oddities and forward him your full name and address. He can direct you who to call upon at Florence, I wish you to get up there, and if you want assistance I will render it to you through our Emigration Agents. Florence is the West part of Iowa on the Missouri River, and is our fitting out place for our immigration. If you come here I do not think you will be sorry, if you should be, and wish to return to the States, I will help you to do so. Write to me immediately and let me know your full name and address, also your circumstances. Our teams will arrive at Florence about the end of June. If you send all particulars, I shall then know what orders to give to our Agents

Brigham Young