1861 January 10 Letter to William H Hooper


1861 January 10 Letter to William H Hooper


The Legislative committees are discordant and the Indian Department is fraudulent. The Utah assembly adopted a memorial for admission into the Union. Hooper is the Utah delegate until August 2nd.




Brigham Young


William H Hooper


1861 January 10


Great Salt Lake City
Washington City, D. C.

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G.S.L. City, Jan. 10, 1861

Hon. W.H. Hooper, M.C.,
Washington City, D.C.,

Dear Brother:-In these rapid times the Monday Pony is becoming to us an institution of much interest, and on the 7th inst. brought your extremely welcome favor of Dec. 25, replete with views of the stirring incidents so materially affecting the welfare of our country. Home affairs are so much slower and tamer than the whirl of events where you are acting, that we continue to employ the regular routine of mail for our replies; but just at present it seems uncertain how long communications will pass by either mode of conveyance.

The Committees of 33 and 13 seem to be more discordant than were the "Omnubus Bill" Committee in 1850, which is not at all marvelous, as the times and, particularly, the people are much more out of joint than they were at that period, with no prospect of their being much better until after they have been much worse.

It will be very fortunate and certainly, very suprising if the Bailey fraud on the Indian Department proves to be the only grand swindle perpetrated and designed

Our Assembly have just adopted a memorial to Congress for the admission of Deseret into the Union, in accordance with the petition, constitution and other kindred papers in your hands. Its being adopted yesterday afforded no time for presenting it to the Governor for his signature in time to forward by this mail. It will be presented to him, and in the mean time, should you have occasion to present the copy now sent over the signatures of the President of the Council and Speaker of the House, you can erase the words "Governor and", as you are aware that the Memorials of the assembly do not, of necessity, require the Governor's signature. Doubtless he will sign said memorial, on presention, in which case that copy will be forwarded to you from the Secretaries Office.

Please learn, if convenient, whether any thing can be done in regard to our University lands, to enable them to be sold before the animal goes all to pieces.

On the question of Utah Delegate, you are as much our Delegate until the 2nd Monday in August next as you are now; and there is no law in the least to the contrary of your officially speaking, acting, and transacting business after the 4th of March for the welfare of your constituents, no more than there is that you should not now do so. But if you have any dubiety upon this point, or meet with any serious objection or hindrance on this ground, you can easily arrange with some one of your many friends in the House to render you such assistance as may be necessary.

The last mail brought several packages of Clippings, for which please accept my thanks. I would also be pleased, if convenient to you, to have clippings from the Springfield Journal, to embrace such original articles in that paper as are supposed to be in anyway indicative of the views and policy of the President elect.

Our legislators are very busily occupying the period allotted to their duties, but whether the result of their labors will add much to the bulk of our laws, remains for the end of the session and the action of the Governor thereon to determine.

I was gratified to learn of the good health of br Pratt and the brethren generally; but sorry that your family had not entirely recovered from indisposition, and that your health was not more rugged. Pres. Well's health is still poor, but we trust it may soon improve.

Under present and prospective difficulties, would it not be well for your family to be on a visit in Philadelphia, or some other quiet locality, a short time previous to the 4th of March, until the events of that day enable you to determine what course to take? All is right.

Your Brother in the Gospel.

Brigham Young