1861 January 17 Letter to George Q. Cannon


1861 January 17 Letter to George Q. Cannon


A notice of financial drafts drawn on Cannon payable to two woman and William Hooper.




Brigham Young


George Q. Cannon


1861 January 17


Great Salt Lake City
Liverpool, England


Financial Matters

Item sets


Great Salt Lake City,
January 17th., 1861.

Elder G.Q. Cannon,
42 Islington
Liverpool, England.

Dear Brother:
I have drawn upon you draft No 183, for £2.0.0, favor of Mrs. Sarah Murray near Hough Inn, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire. This amount is remitted her by Elizabeth Tounsend of this city. G.E. Bourne, of this city, sends £30.0.0 to
Catherine Robinson, Tindal St. Balsall, Heath, near Birmingham, for which I have drawn draft No 184, payable when she is ready to emigrate to this place, which is expected to be the present season.

Hon. W.H. Hooper has applied to me for a draft upon you for $3000.00, but not
knowing to what === extent you can honor a draft, I much prefer advising you that, if you can remit him that or a less amount, to do so, by authorizing him to draw upon you, or be sending him a letter of credit.

Your Bro. in the Gospel

Brigham Young