1861 January 31 Letter to Peter Schuttler


1861 January 31 Letter to Peter Schuttler


Schuttler is notified that there will be an increased number of wagon orders this season.




Brigham Young


Peter Schuttler


1861 January 31


Great Salt Lake City
Chicago, Illinois


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G.S.L. City, Jan. 31, 1861.

Mr. Peter Schuttler,
Chicago, Illinois,

Sir: I write to inform you that persons from here purpose purchasing quite a number of wagons in the States this season, aside from the number aside from the number our this years immigration may require; and from their acquaintance with your wagons it is altogether probable that most if not all of them will prefer to purchase from you, in case you have the requisite number ready, or timber on hand for turning them out on short notice. Some will probably prefer wooden axles, and, so far as you make that kind, my advice is that the shoulder of the arm be 4-1/4 inches. The number of wagons that will be wanted by purchasers from here I do not know, but may be able to learn in time to inform you more definitely, in which case I shall take pleasure in doing so.

It may not be necessary to mention it, but we shall expect each wagon to be made of the best material in all its parts, the timber to be thoroughly seasoned, and all put together in the best workmanlike manner, otherwise we do not want you to say that you make wagons for us, nor expect our custom in future. The wagons you have heretofore made for us give, with but few exceptions, very good satisfaction.


Brigham Young