1861 January 30 Letter to David Evans


1861 January 30 Letter to David Evans


Horace Eldredge will give counsel and an accounting of the decisions made in the Council in the Seventies Hall.




Brigham Young


David Evans


1861 January 30


Great Salt Lake City
Lehi, U. T.


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G.S.L. City, Jan. 30, 1861.

Bishop David Evans,

Dear Brother:-From your letter of Jan. 28. I perceive that you have fears that your course is not clearly understood, and, that the sayings and doings in the Seventies council on the 26th inst., may be fairly presented for the correct information of all concerned, br. Horace S. Eldredge, the bearer of this letter, will visit you, and is at liberty to tell you all that was said and done at that time; he was present and of course is able to do so. However, I think in your case the sayings of an ancient philosopher to be very applicable, viz:-- to live so that no person can say aught in truth against your character and conduct.

Br. Eldredge is requested by me to visit your place, preach to the people, and give such counsel and instructions as the Spirit may dictate for the peace, welfare, and best interests of yourself and Ward, and to set before the people there the doings of the Council in the Seventies Hall, on Sat.the 26th inst in the case of John R. Murdock and your son Israel.

Trusting that his visit may prove conducive of much good, I remain, as ever,

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young