1861 February 4 Letter to Ezra T Benson


1861 February 4 Letter to Ezra T Benson


Teams and cattle will be sent to Florence to assist the emigration and to sell for goods. Brigham hopes that Cache Valley can contribute 30 teams.




Brigham Young


Ezra T Benson


1861 February 4


Great Salt Lake City
Logan, Cache Valley, U. T.

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G.S.L. City, Feb. 4, 1861.

Elder Ezra T. Benson,
Logan, Cache Valley, U.T.,

Dear Brother:-The Bishops here are now moving in the matter of sending teams and loose cattle to florence, to start as early in the Spring as snow will permit, in accordance with the plan upon which I gave instructions in my schoolhouse one evening when you was present. We purpose furnishing 50 teams from this City, with a teamster and four yoke of oxen to each team, and a good iron-axle Chicago wagon, or, if iron-axle wagons are not on hand, a wooden-axle of Chicago make; and where there is a lack of that class of wagons, loose cattle or money can be sent to purchase them. Cattle, wagons, and teamsters will be required to come to this City and pass the inspection of a competent person who will be appointed for that purpose, that all may start in proper condition.

We wish to send 200 teams, besides the loose cattle, and, in apportioning 50 teams to this City, we think that Cache valley can be readily furnished from 20 to 30 teams, but let us know, as soon as convenient how many you can send. Loose cattle will be considered as designed for the benefit of the individuals sending them, to sell for the purchase of their wagons and such other articles as they may wish to send for. The Teams will be allowed, on labor tithing, $10. a hundred for such freight as they take from here to Florence, or in that proportion for intermediate distances; and $15. a hundred for freight from Florence to this City, also on labor tithing. Both teams and loose cattle must be well broke.

On this subject we have a Circular nearly ready to print and distribute to the Bishops, but having an opportunity, by politeness of Br. Thatcher, we forward a few lines to you in advance, that you may be sounding the feelings of the people in this matter, hoping that the people in Cache Valley will view it in the same light that we do, and liberally follow the example set here.

Br. Thatcher says a smut mill is really needed, and it will soon be ready.

Nothing of particular importance has occured since you left for home, further than you will learn from the papers.

Pres. Well's health continues to improve, and the people generally are enjoying improved health. Parties are being tapered off, preparatory to engaging in the labors and duties of the opening season.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young