1861 February 23 Letter to Nathan Davis


1861 February 23 Letter to Nathan Davis


A request for Davis to resign his position in the Public Machine Shop.




Brigham Young


Nathan Davis


1861 February 23


Great Salt Lake City


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G.S.L. City, Feb. 23, 1861.

Elder Nathan Davis,

Dear Brother:-The Church has so much property in machinery that requires to be properly used and cared for, and there is such an amount of valuable work requiring to be done in the Public Machine Shop, that the Superintendent in that department should not only be competent for the business, but should be thorough in his oversight of all the branches and material thereof, and consult the proper authority before making contracts for jobs outside the Church business. These being facts, and since, for some reason, the machinery has not been cared for nor the business managed in a satisfactory manner under your supervision, it has been deemed best that you resign your present position in the Public Machine Shop, unless you can present, in writing, some acceptable reasons to the contrary.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young
Trustee in Trust for the C. of J.C. of L.D.S.