1861 February 21 Letter to Erastus Snow


1861 February 21 Letter to Erastus Snow


Oxtrains and cattle will be sent to immigrate the poor from Florence. There is news of discord in the States. Snow is asked to assist a family to Florence.




Brigham Young


Erastus Snow


1861 February 21


Great Salt Lake City
Philadelphia, PA

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G.S.L. City, Feb. 21, 1861.

Elder Erastus Snow,
924 Brown Street, Philadelphia, Pa.,

Dear Brother:-A very welcome joint letter, of Jan. 3, /61, from yourself and br. Pratt, is at hand, and we are much pleased with the success that had thus far attended your labors, and with the spirit you both manifest in the persecution of the duties of your mission.

Doubtless many of the faithful Saints in the States are poor, but so far as they can manage to make their way to Florence in readiness for crossing the plains, it is expected that the oxtrain to be sent this Spring will furnish the requisite transportation. Bishop Hunter and the Bishops throughout the Territory, so far as called upon and heard from, are very spirited in this matter. It was proposed to send 200 teams with 4 yoke of cattle to each wagon. Fifty teams were allotted to this City, and already the Wards have reported nearly 60 ready. A similar alacrity characterizes several other places, and will probably characterize all the Wards that have been invited to put forth a helping hand in so noble an enterprize. As the Church freight, so far as now known, will be light, those teams will be able to haul the luggage of a great many poor Saints, together with those who are unable to walk.

In addition to the teams, it is expected that loose cattle will be forwarded, enough to supply that portion of our this year's immigration -- intending to purchase cattle, of which we some time ago advised Elders Jones and Gates, but as yet have received no word from them relative to the number they will require.

Notwithstanding the cold, deep snows, and consequent irregularities of the mail, the telegraph of Ft. Kearney and Pony from there keep us quite promptly advised of the current news of the day. The Kearney telegrams which arrived on the 20th inst. brought news from Washington and various other points in the States as late as Feb. 11. from
which we learn that discord and confusion still reign in the councils of the late United States, and that the Peace commissioners have not yet succeeded in presenting an olive branch as a harbinger that the flood of rebellion is stayed. In the meantime affairs, both public and private, are peacefully and prosperously progressing in our "mountain retreat," with the present intention to erect the walls and roof in the Seventies Hall of Science, improve the Tabernacle, build a commodious theatre and the basement story of the Temple, and do sundry other things previous to rough weather next fall.

Bro. Snow, sister Susan Snively is very anxious that her niece, Miss Rachael Heiner, daughter of John and Rebecca Heiner, near the town called Bloody Run, Bedford County, Pa., and her sister Mary and niece Sophia Snively, near Fort Madison, Lee County, Iowa, have an opportunity to come here this season. Should they still wish to do so, I would be pleased to have you take the necessary steps to enable them to be at Florence by about the 1st of July next, in readiness to cross the plains.

As informed at the time you left here, both yourself and brother Pratt are at liberty to stay as long as you please, and of course to return when you please, being guided in that, as in other movements, by the dictates of the Spirit to yourselves under the circumstances by which you are surrounded.

The weather is becoming changeable and Springlike, with prospects of a good season for fruit and other products of the soil

Please say to br. McAllister that his family are well, feel well, and are comfortably provided for; and that we think he had better tarry in the region where he is for the coming season. Also advise him to take good care of himself, that he may give himself a chance to improve his health.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young