1861 March 5 Letter to Warren S. Snow


1861 March 5 Letter to Warren S. Snow


Counsel for Snow not to act in opposition to Brother Hyde. He may be inconvenienced due to his carelessness financial decisions but he should be patient and follow the Spirit.




Daniel H Wells


Warren S. Snow


1861 March 5


Great Salt Lake City

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Great Salt Lake City
March 5th, 1861.

Bishop W.S. Snow,

Dear Brother:
I lately received a letter from you, and, in justice, should have answered you before. To tell the truth I hardly know what to say, not that I doubt your integrity towards the cause of truth, or earnest and sincere friendship towards the servants of God. Of one thing you may rest assured you have friends, good and true friends, who will bear you off in all righteous principles, and you should not -- and neither do I for a moment suspect that you wish to, be borne off upon any other. You may therefore feel encouraged, for with triumph of righteous principles, all who are faithful will also come off victorious.

As to Brother Hyde, let me give you a word of counsel, do nothing, say nothing, and, so far as possible, feel nothing in opposition to whatever course he may pursue, for if ever he seemed to feel the spirit of his calling he does now. He is moreover a good man, and holds the authority of the Holy Priesthood.

You say you have been careless and loose in your financial matters. This is not an unpardonable sin, altho' it may subject you to some inconvenience, and, it is true, that you may suffer much sorrow in your feelings in consequence. All men suffer more or less through their own negligence, and frequently through their lack of wisdom. Why should you be an exception to the general rule? Be quiet, Warren; resolve to do right, and you will feel that it is a good lesson for you, if so be, you are properly exercised thereby. Remember--

"---- The darkest day
Wait till to morrow, will have passed away."

God will bless the humble and contrite spirit and prove a friend indeed -- a present help in every time of need. Therefore be not cast down. but strive earnestly to get the spirit of the Lord, and be guided by its holy influence. In so doing you will secure still more friends, the friendship you already possess, not only of us, but all good men, not excepting Bro. Hyde. While therefore I recommend to you patience and submission I would also commend to the notice of Bro Hyde the sentiment in the sermon of President Young published in this weeks News. Not to wound beyond the power of the balm which he has within him to heal.

Give my respects to bro, George and tell him if he has been doing wrong to do so no more. I should be sorry to believe him to be a very bad man, but I am persuaded that a little close scrutiny now will help him to hereafter, all the better, stand the scrutenising glance of that All Seeing Eye before whose presence we must all pass before we can expect to obtain celestial glory.

Praying the Lord to bless both you and him and help you to surmount and overcome all your present troubles and trials.

I remain, as ever,
Your friend & Bro. in the Gospel

Daniel H Wells