1861 March 21 Letter to Erastus Snow


1861 March 21 Letter to Erastus Snow




Brigham Young


Erastus Snow


1861 March 21


Great Salt Lake City
New York City

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G.S.L. City, March 21, 1861.

Elder Erastus Snow,
Box 3957, New York City,

Dear Brother:-Your favor of the 13th of Feb. came to hand by mail of the 18th. inst., and we were pleased to learn of your improved health, of your success thus far, and of the increased interest manifested by your so numerous congregations.

You are right in counseling the Saints to make their way to Florence by the last of June, in as much readiness for the plains as they have means for, and no useless luggage. At least 200 teams, of 4 yoke of cattle each, will start from here in the latter part of April, and will be able to haul the little ones, infirm, provisions, &c., of a very large number, as all who are able to walk can readily keep up with an ox-train. This arrangement will enable very many to gather this season, if the ablebodied will not shrink from doing themselves the justice of performing beneficial leg-service.

Whether br. Lorenzo Snow expects or will be able this Spring to pay the $300.00 you mention, I do not know; but so far as I am concerned it matters not either way, for my advice to you is to use the money you have got and may yet get from Suter, Lea & Co.. and that due from br. Lorenzo, when you get it, in any way that you may think will best conduce to the benefit and welfare of your family here. This advice in no-wise militates against the general instructions pertaining to your mission, viz:-- to preach the gospel, gather Israel, and build up the kingdom of God on the earth to the best of your ability.

We have had very pleasant weather since the middle of February, and much plowing, sowing, and various labors in fields, gardens, and on streets have already been got along with.

Home affairs are progressing favorably, incomers of /57 and more recent arrivals of that class are leaving and preparing to leave, and prospects are very favorable for a clear atmosphere and abundant harvests in the valleys of our "mountain retreat"

Letters from br. Hooper and telegrams from Ft. Kearney, by pony, keep us pretty well advised of movements in the States. The last Pony on the 18th, brought Washington dates of the 11th and St. Louis of the 12th inst. Both parties seem to move slowly in regard to the Forts Sumpter and Pickens and other definite questions, but each event in the great movement of human affairs will transpire in its appropriate time, as dictated and controled by Him who ordereth all things aright.

Praying that all needed blessings may attend you in every righteous act and desire. I remain

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young