1861 March 15 Letter to D. Jones


1861 March 15 Letter to D. Jones


Details are given on financial and business matters.




Brigham Young


D. Jones


1861 March 15


Great Salt Lake City
Provo, U. T.


Financial Matters

Item sets

G.S.L. City, March 15, 1861.

Elder D. Jones,
Provo, U.T.

Dear Brother:-Your note of the 6th inst., is at hand and I cordially tender you my sympathy in your bereavement and afflictions, hoping that all may result in good to yourself and all concerned.

Pres. D.H. Wells was present when your note was read, and said that you are correct in your statement in regard to the buggy and wagon, though, if my memory serves me, you was at one time quite anxious that I should accept the buggy as a present, which I thought best to decline, and preferred to have the matter settled as was done by yourself and br. Wells.

The indebtedness you allude to arises from three notes given by you in this City to Edward Hunter, Presiding Bishop, or bearer, on demand, and bearing dates July 7, August 21, and September 12, 1852; one for 1000.lb of flour, one for 100 lb pounds of flour, and one for 300 lb of flour. This date I presume is long anterior to any of the transactions alluded to in your letter, and has probably escaped your memory; but it is a matter about which I do not wish you to borrow any trouble or put yourself to any inconvenience during your illness, for we by no means have the least intention to oppress you in any manner.

Praying for your welfare in every good word, work, and desire, I remain

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young