1861 March 21 Letter to William H Hooper


1861 March 21 Letter to William H Hooper


Colorado and Nevada boundaries are organized and the Organic Act passed. Lincoln should make his appointments from residents. An update is given on the leadership of the emigration.




Brigham Young


William H Hooper


1861 March 21


Great Salt Lake City
Washington D. C.

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G.S.L. City, March 21, 1861.

Hon. W.H. Hooper, M.C.,
Washington City, D.C.,

Dear Brother:-The ponies of the 15th. and 18th inst., brought your very welcome favors of Feb. 28 and March 5, from the latter of which I was much gratified to learn of the improved health of yourself and family.

We are advised that Colorado Territory is organized, with 109 for its west boundary, which suits us well; and we are in hopes that Nevada is also organized with 115 or 116, we do not much care which, for its east boundary, for that organization would rid our ears of much clamor in our western borders, but we are not informed on this point further than your advice that the Organic Act had passed the Senate. By next pony br. D.O. Calder, our Territorial Treasurer, will forward you an order on the Secretary of the Treasury for the money appropriated to Utah in payment of expenses incurred in supporting Indian hostilities in 1853.

Judge Kinney, in the short term of court closed a few days since, dispatched business very promptly, and, so far as I have heard, quite satisfactorily; and, in one of a few cases heard by him in chambers, ruled in favor of the powers of the Probate Courts as granted by the Legislative Assembly, affirming that they were in accordance with the Organic Act.

The incomers of 1857, and since, are preparing for a very general exodus from Utah, and if Mr Lincoln will so far observe the spirit of the Constitution on that point as to make his appointments for Utah from actual residents therein, as per list in your possession, it will tend much to lessen the batch of lies and slanders heretofore lavishly sent forth by so large a majority of imported officials. However, in this matter, as in all others, you will merely have to do the best you can, and the Lord will overrule apparently adverse results for the advancement of his cause.

Hales is away, the Department of course have the original of his bill and can not need the copy forwarded by you, in which there are and can be no alterations on account of Hales' absence; and perhaps the best way to manage that bill will be to say as little as possible about it. It has nothing to do with the other printing bills, and the Department has no right or authority but to audit each bill upon its own claims.

By mail of the 18th inst. br's Jones and Gates advised me that br. Gates would soon leave New York for florence, to manage the immigration affairs there, while br. Jones would tarry in New York to superintend forwarding the Saints from there. they had not learned how many cattle our this year's immigration would wish to buy, but would advise us upon their earliest information. The 200 or more four-yoke teams together with the loose cattle that will be forwarded, will accommodate a very large number, provided useless luggage is dispensed with, and all walk, except the infirm and very young.

The papers keep you informed in our local news, and no new instructions occur to me.

If funds will warrant, I hope you will be able to make the purchase of carpetting, as suggested in a former letter.

Should any thing of moment occur, requiring speedy transmission, we shall avail ourselves of the pony, as we shall to-morrow in forwarding to you our Territorial Treasurer's order on the Treasury Department for the money appropriated to reimburse Utah for suppressing Indian hostilities in 1853, as before stated.

May blessings attend yourself, family, br. Williams and all friends of truth.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young