1861 March 30 Letter to George Peacock


1861 March 30 Letter to George Peacock


An invitation to receive temple ordinances. Peacock should not depend on anyone seeking out his farm shares or carding machine.




Brigham Young


George Peacock


1861 March 30


Great Salt Lake City
Manti, U. T.


Temple Ordinances
Business Matters

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G. S. L. City, March 30, 1861.

Elder George Peacock,
Manti, U. T.,

Dear Brother:-The only mule train about to leave here for the States this season, so far as I know, purposes starting on the 8th. inst., or soon thereafter.

That portion of your family and br. Warren's, that have not had their endowments, but are old enough and worthy, can probably be accommodated on any Saturday you can make it most convenient to yourselves to be here.

Should I know of any one wishing to take a farm on shares, or run a carding machine, I will try to think and mention you to him; but at present I do not know such a one, and think you had better not depend at all upon any one's applying to me for such a chance, as it but rarely happens that a person does so.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young