1861 April 4 Letter to Orson Pratt


1861 April 4 Letter to Orson Pratt


200 teams will be sent to Florence to assist as many to emigrate as possible. Counsel to follow the Spirit concerning those remaining in Florence.




Brigham Young


Orson Pratt


1861 April 4


Great Salt Lake City
New York City, N. Y.

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G. S. L. City, April 4, 1861.

Elder Orson Pratt, Senr.
New York City, N. Y.,

Dear Brother:-Your welcome favor of March 13 came to hand by pony on the 1st inst., giving me the first definite information I have received concerning this season's immigration.

There are upwards of 200 four-yoke teams in readiness to start about the 20th inst., and, as our freight will probably be rather light, those teams will be able to bring a large number of persons, if all walk who can, which is the healthier course in traveling with an oxtrain. More or less flour will be taken and deposited in safe places on the route, but at present I am not aware that it will be in our power to do anything more from here toward supplying outfit for the plains; and I presume the way will open for most if not all, that reach Florence in time, to come through quite comfortably, for one can furnish a little flour, another a little meat, another a frying pan, &c., &c., and, if they are not too nice, particular, and extensive in their requirements, a very large number can come under the present arrangements, and finish their outfit and make their riches
here. I do not as yet know how many loose cattle will be driven down, probably enough to help very materially.

In regard to the brethren's concentrating in Florence and the adjacent regions, between the close of this season's immigration and next Spring's operations, I have no basis for advising. So much depends upon constantly changing circumstances amid which you are acting, that you and br. Erastus will have to more or less determine on the best course to take in this matter, aided by the dictates of the Spirit to you. We shall bring through all we can of those who arrive in Florence in time, and then plan for bringing many more next season, doing all we can toward preaching the gospel, gathering Israel an accomplishing the purposes for which the Lord is gathering his people into these mountains.

At latest dates, br. George Q. Cannon was unadvised as to the number of our this year's emigration from Europe, or the number of cattle they may want to purchase, but would inform us as early as possible.

Cap. Walter M. Gibson arrived in San Francisco, by way of San Bernardino, the latter part of February, on his way to Oceanica. He lectured in San Bernardino and Los Angeles, and reports himself in good health and spirits, and apparently much alive to the interests of his mission.

The papers keep you advised upon current home items, which transpire in the even tenor characteristic of our peaceful and industrious habits and pursuits. Pres. Wells' health has so far improved that he has been about for some time past, but is not yet rugged. Br. Hosea Stout is very sick with the erysipelas. general the people enjoy good health, and your family are well, and we endeavor to assist them so far as they require.

Praying for the blessings of Heaven upon your labors in the cause of truth, I remain, as ever,

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young