1861 April 4 Letter to William H. Hooper


1861 April 4 Letter to William H. Hooper


A request to appoint a replacement postmaster and to notify Brigham of the status of Government claims. A power of attorney for the appropriation of 1853 is enclosed.




Brigham Young


William H. Hooper


1861 April 4


Great Salt Lake City
Washington D. C.

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G. S. L. City, April 4, 1861.

Hon. W. H. Hooper, M. C.,
Washington D. C.,

Dear Brother:-Your interesting and welcome letters of March 15 and 19 came to hand by pony on the 1st inst. (inclosing copy of a letter from br. Pratt), and were perused with much gratification. The same pony brought us eastern dates of the 25 ult., by which we perceive that the North and South have not yet coalesced.

Br George Peacock will soon start east on a mission, and, since the length of his absence is uncertain, it will be proper to appoint some other resident in Manti, Post master in his place, probably the one the citizens there have petitioned for, though I do not know who that is. If objection should be made, by the Department, to the one petitioned for, you will readily by able to select some unobjectionable person the list of petitioners.

Please inform me, at the earliest practicable date, should my claim against the Indian Department be audited and allowed before you wish to leave for home, at what rate it could be disposed of for cash, or such goods as I might order, at cash rates. Cash continues very scarce with us, and we can forward but a few thousands to br. H. W. Lawrence to pay for purchases. At last advices the Liverpool Office had been obliged to use several thousands dollars of depositors' money, and if the Then shape of matters continued any length of time, it is quite possible we may have to aid them, instead of making further drafts upon them, until the deposit a/c is again balanced. Under these circumstances you will readily understand that, in case the appropriation for 1853 or my claim against the Indian Department takes a certain and a reliable
shape in our favor, previous to your wishing to start on your return, I shall be much pleased to have you at once advise me thereof, and in a way so definite that I can come to a prompt conclusion and take prompt action.

In regard to Presidential appointees for Utah, I presume you will not be much disappointed in thinking that you will not be able to accomplish much. Still, it may not be amiss to be prepared for emergencies, in case of a favorable turn in events, for which reason I inclose you a list of names of persons we would like to have appointed to the respective offices, giving preference in the order in which the names are written.

As the draft from our Territorial Treasurer (D. O. Calder), in your favor, on the Secretary of the Treasury, for the amount appropriated for 1853, forwarded by pony, will doubtless have reached you ere this comes to hand, and time enough have elapsed to enable you to know with some certainty what will be done in the matter, I can not now perceive that it will be necessary for you to materially alter or delay your purposed movements, on account of that appropriation; but of this you are in a position to judge at from one to two weeks earlier date than I am. Should monies be paid to you on either my claim against the Indian Department or on the appropriation for 1853, necessity compels me to again request you to retain such monies exclusively subject to my orders, as heretofore advised.

In addition to the draft above named, inclosed please find a power of attorney from br Calder to you, pertaining to the appropriation for /53.

Br. Hosea is still very unwell with the erysipelas, but Dr. Dunyan has just informed me that he is getting better, and trusts that he will soon be up again.

The past week has furnished no items of special interest. Our mild and very beneficial equinoctial storm still continues, and the soil is being well saturated.

To-day I joined in wedlock br George Thatcher and my daughter Luna. George is a son of br. Moses Thatcher of Cache Valley, with whom I presume you are acquainted.

Home affairs are prosperous, and your friends and the people generally are well.
Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young

P. S. The specimens wanted, so far as they can be found, are enclosed in separate envelopes, and forwarded by the Mail that takes this List of names of officers for Utah Territory

Brigham Young

Joseph A. Young, William Clayton, John T. Caine

Henry W. Lawrence, Robert T. Burton

District Attorney
Aurelius Miner.

Superintendent of Ind. Affrs,
Nicholas Groesbeck, A. Milton Musser, Briant Stringham

Indian Agents
Major Jefferson Hunt, Lewis Robison.

Wilford Woodruff

Chief Justice,
Elias Smith

Associate Justices
Hosea Stout and Seth M. Blair

Failing in any or all of the above do the best you can, only we would thank you to
keep away from here so miserable a curse as is Morell, for any position or place within our borders.