1861 April 3 Letter to P. Schuttler


1861 April 3 Letter to P. Schuttler


Instructions on the specifications desired on the wagons purchased from Schuttler.




Brigham Young


[Peter] Schuttler


1861 April 3


Great Salt Lake City
Chicago, Illinois


Business Matters

Item sets


G. S. L. City, April 3, 1861.

Mr. P. Schuttler,
Chicago, Illinois,


Your favor of March 4 is at hand, and I have to inform you that on the 28th ult. I handed to Mr. Henry W. Lawrence, of the Firm of J. B. Kimball & Co., an open letter to you, which he will present, and a copy of which I herewith inclose.

The exceptions taken against some of your wagons are that once in a while an axle, a reach, and a pair of hounds have been made of pecan or some other kind of brittle timber; further than that, your wagons give good satisfaction. Our dry climate and hot sun are very trying to the best of timber, and brittle Timber is here nearly worthless.

The reason of our wanting a wooden axle so large as 4 or 41/4 inches at the shoulder, is because, when an axle breaks, we have to replace it with pine, which of course does not answer a good purpose in a small shoulder box.

As you mention that you can not supply the 41/2 inch axle, under two years, if you can furnish a 4 inch axle it will answer, otherwise give me iron axles, as advised in the inclosed copy, and oblige,


Brigham Young