1861 April 11 Letter to Jacob Gates


1861 April 11 Letter to Jacob Gates


Brigham requests that Peter Schuttler make wagons the size and pattern that he built in 1859. 200 teams will leave for Florence on April 20th.




Brigham Young


Jacob Gates


1861 April 11


Great Salt Lake City
Florence, Nebraska

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G. S. L. City, April 11, 1861.

Elder Jacob Gates,
Florence, Nebraska Territory,

Dear Brother:-Your favor of March 10 is at hand, and the contents noted. Please inform Mr. Schuttler that I thank him for his kind feelings toward me, but all the favor that I request of him is to invariably put good timer and other materials into all the wagons he makes for us, and to also have all the workmanship good, for the plains, kanyons, and climate are very trying on wagons.

I did not write to Mr. Schuttler, nor br. Hooper, about "large wagons." I prefer wagons of the size and pattern Mr Schuttler made for us in 1859, and have so advised him, without any variation except in the diameter of the wooden axles at the shoulder, which I preferred to be 4 or, better, 41/2 inches, so that when an axle broke here our pine and other poor kinds of wood we have for making axles would serve a better purpose on account of increased size of shoulder box. Mr Schuttler informs me that he has no suitable timber for making 41/2 inch axles, and perhaps not even 4 inch; but that does not matter so much, if he can put in a 4 inch shoulder box it will do with a 3 3/4 inch axle, and when it breaks we have more box room for the soft wood axles we have to make here. This is all the variation from wagons of /59, as to size, that I have written about or wish.

I was pleased to learn that your health was improving, and that yourself and br. Jones were so successfully prosecuting your labors pertaining to our immigration. The oxtrain, of upwards of 200 teams, four yoke to a team, is expected to leave here for Florence about the 20th inst. We do not know how many extra cattle will be sent for sale to our immigration, nor how many they wish to purchase, but presume there will be enough driven to nearly, if not quite, supply the demand. Of course yokes, chains, and wagons will have to be bought for the extra cattle sent for sale, except in cases where a yoke is sold from a team, of which there may be many instances, when such yoke will probably have a yoke and chain.

At latest dates, br's Cannon and Jones were unadvised as to the number of this year's immigration, but would inform us at the earliest practicable date. As our freight will be light, the 200 and odd teams will accommodate a large number, especially if all walk who are able, which is much the healthiest plan when traveling with oxen.

Your family and friends are well, as are also the people generally; and home affairs are in a peaceful and prosperous condition.

Ever praying that all needful blessings may attend you and all the upright in heart in every labor and effort to build up the kingdom of our God on earth, I remain,

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young