1861 April 10 Letter to Thomas Callister


1861 April 10 Letter to Thomas Callister


Callister is called to be the Bishop of Fillmore and the Presiding Bishop over Millard County.




Brigham Young


Thomas Callister


1861 April 10


Great Salt Lake City


Church Leadership

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G. S. L. City, April 10, 1861.

Bishop Thomas Callister,

Dear Brother:-You have been appointed to be the Bishop in Fillmore, instead of Bishop Lewis Brunson who has been selected to go on a mission, and also to be the Presiding Bishop over all the other Wards or settlements in Millard County. To facilitate your operations in your Presidency, you are at liberty to select and appoint, from time to time, such persons in the different settlements as your judgement may dictate, making settlements with them at such times as will enable you to settle with the General Tithing Office in this City in accordance with its requirements.

We wish you to proceed to Fillmore at your earliest convenience, to take charge as above directed, and to aid you in so doing, cordially and with much confidence commend you to the faith, prayers, and good works of all Saints in Millard County, which we trust they will extend to you and hearken to all your counsels and examples in righteousness.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young