1861 April 20 Supplement to Instructions give to Joseph W. Young, et al.


1861 April 20 Supplement to Instructions give to Joseph W. Young, et al.


Additional instructions are given concerning flour deposits and requiring company members to travel close together.




Brigham Young


Joseph W. Young
Ira Eldredge
Joseph Horne
John R. Murdock


1861 April 20


Great Salt Lake City


Overland Travel

Item sets


G. S. L. City, April 20, 1861

Supplement To the Instructions given to Captains Joseph W. Young, Ira Eldredge, Joseph
Horne, and John R. Murdock, of date April 15, 1861.

Brethren:-- in making deposits of the flour you are taking for our this year's immigration, we wish you to select safe places and place the deposits in charge of trusty, responsible persons. If such person or persons can not be found at a place otherwise desirable for a deposit, it will be best to select a suitable person from one of the Companies and leave him in charge. It will also probably be best to make a large deposit at each place selected, three or four points from the South Pass to Wood River perhaps being enough for all the flour you take beyond the Pass.

On your return, to prevent persons from strahing out of sight of their Company when traveling, and thereby being liable to be lost or killed, we wish the Captain of each Company to appoint an active, vigilant Officer-of-the-day, whose duty it will be to take the necessary steps to keep all within the limits of safety when travelling