1861 April 18 List of Articles sent to Henry W. Lawrence


1861 April 18 List of Articles sent to Henry W. Lawrence


Money was deposited to purchase the listed articles.




H. B. Clawson


Henry W. Lawrence


1861 April 18


Great Salt Lake City


Financial Matters

Item sets

Great Salt Lake City, April 18 /61

Bro. Henry W Lawrence

Dear Sir
The money has been deposited with the President for the various articles herein mentioned and inasmuch as he has received the money he is anxious that these bills should be filled and the articles forwarded without fail

100 feet of 8 by 10 German Glass
1 New Era Cooking stove No 7 with tin fumature
1 Ten Plate stove No 7 Fdly Pattent
3 ps 6/4 Green Baize
1 Best quality Silver Mounted Carlyle Buggywhip
1 Good substantial whalebone carriage whip
1 Best quality holly tandem whip
60 pr of Window Blind Butts to throw the blind when open from The Edge of the frame 21/2 in self fasteners best kind
3 peices Cassimere best quality, 1 ps Black 2 ps fancy
1 " Broad Cloth-- blue black or [gap in typescript] Green Dyed in the woo[word cut off]

Yours as ever,

H. B. Clawson