1861 April 25 Letter to Nathaniel V. Jones


1861 April 25 Letter to Nathaniel V. Jones


Two hundred teams are organizing into four emigration companies. Over 1000 Saints are planning to immigrate from Europe. Jens Christensen's daughter and Peter McComie are to be brought to Utah.




Brigham Young


Nathaniel V. Jones


1861 April 25


Great Salt Lake City
New York City

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G. S. L. City, April 25, 1861.

Elder Nathaniel V. Jones
Post Box 3957, New York City,

Dear Brother:-Your favors of Feb. 11 and Mar 30 came safe to hand, but I have deferred answering until I could give you some definite information.

On the 20th inst. the train for Florence began to rendezvous near the mouth of Big Canon Creek Canon, and on the 23d I met the brethren at that point intending to further advise them in regard to their organization, but the grass was so scanty in that locality, the written instructions were so full, and not <all> arrived on the ground, that it was deemed best for them to roll on through the Canon to better feed, and organize when all came up.

There are upwards of two hundred four-yoke teams now starting, to be organized into four companies under Captains Joseph W. Young, Ira Eldredge, Joseph Horne, and John R. Murdock. As yet we have no reports to enable us to determine the exact number of oxen, or wagons, or the precise quantity of flour taken for deposits on the route. Aside from the cattle expressly being driven for sale, it is very probable that many of the four-yoke teams can readily part with one yoke, selling or otherwise as may be agreed upon as best, in which case they of course have yokes and chains; how many yokes and chains will be lacking for the cattle from here I have now no means of knowing, but presume not enough to cause much hindrance. Probably 150,000, pounds of flour will be taken to deposit east of the mountains, for we can furnish from here to points this side the Pass, when we get word that it will be needed.

Since your dates, we are advised that a 1000 names are booked in the Liverpool Office for this year's emigration, and that br. Van Cott expects to forward upwards of 400, besides those coming from the Swiss mission. How far they may be fitted for the through trip we do not know, but presume that you and br. Gates, with the aid going from here, will be able to clear Florence of all who may reach there wishing to come on, for doing which you have our faith, prayers, and good works, and doubt you will add thereto your skill and diligence in planning all for the best.

Br. Jens Christensen, of Manti, sends a wagon and son with the down train, and wishes a little daughter of his to be forwarded from New York, to come through this season. The daughter's name is Dorthea Christine Christenson, and she was left in care of a br. Stone in New York City. Br. Stone's christian name was not given in the letter to me, but I presume you will have no great difficulty in finding him, and through him the little girl whom I wish you to forward to Florence in readiness to start back with her brother, or the returning teams; to enable you to do this you <are> hereby authorized, if necessary, to draw on the Branch Treasurer in New York for the requisite amount in tithing funds. You are also authorized to draw in like manner, if also necessary, to forward, to Florence, Peter John McComie, of Williamsburgh, N. Y., whom I wish you to search out and have at Florence in time and readiness to come through this season.

As we get further definite information that may pertain to your operations, we will keep you advised from time to time, and trust you will also communicate freely all passing items of interest and such as you may wish counsel upon.

Your family and friends are well, the elements are propitious, and home affairs prosperous, while telegraph and pony dates including April 19, indicate a lively time in the States.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young