1861 April 25 Letter to William H Hooper


1861 April 25 Letter to William H Hooper


A power of attorney was forwarded. The Government should appoint those Utah has recommended. The Train to Florence is organizing and Governor Cumming is preparing to leave.




Brigham Young


William H Hooper


1861 April 25


Great Salt Lake City
Washington DC

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G. S. L. City, April 25, 1861.

Hon. W. H. Hooper, M. C.,
Washington City D. C.,

Dear Brother:--

The mail of the 20th inst. brought copies of your letters to W. H. Seward, Montgomery Blair, Edward Bates, and Caleb B. Smith, relative to appointments for Utah, touching which you have doubtless already received advices from here. By pony of the 20th your interesting favor of the 8th came to hand, and the pony of yesterday brought a letter and blank power of Attorney to br. D. O. Calder, and State dates to the 20th inst.

Judge Smith collected and some time since forwarded the specimens required for McKnight's a/c; he was quite successful in finding nearly a full complement of specimens, and supplied the deficiency with the requisite certificates.

Being somewhat familiar with the mode in which business is conducted in the circumlocution offices in Washington, br. Calder, soon after forwarding a draft by pony, forwarded a power of attorney to you by mail, which I presume is at hand ere this. But lest the crooking of a comma might still be amiss, and be excepted to for the purpose of avoiding payment, br. Calder at once had the power, you sent, filled, certified to, &c., and will forward by first return pony which leaves here on the morning of the 28th.

It may be rather late to ask the questions, but would not Mr Lincoln best consult his own interests and the interest of the Government, aside from the justice in the case, by appointing for Utah as you have already been advised? If not too late, a hint that Territories as well as States are liable to become restive in these exciting times, may tend to direct his appointment action towards Utah in a Constitutional channel.

The train for Florence began to rendezvous on the bench near the mouth of Big Canon Creek Canon, on the 20th inst., and began to file through the canon on the 23d, four companies, with upwards of two hundred four-yoke teams, under Captains Joseph W. Young, Ira Eldredge, Joseph Horne, and John R. Murdock. They take some 150,000 pounds of flour to deposit at points east of the South Pass for our immigration, for, if found necessary, we can furnish at the time what flour may be needed this side of the Pass. So far as I noticed, while at the rendezvous on the 23d, the cattle now forwarded are supplied with yokes and chains, at least to such an extent that any deficiency can be readily supplied at Florence, as I have, by this mail, advised br's Jones and Gates. With the means forwarded from Liverpool for and brought with our immigration and the aid now sent from here, we hope to be able to clear Florence of all who may be there wishing to come

Gov. Cumming has advertised his furniture for sale on the 8th of May, indicating, as previously rumored, his intention of leaving for the States before long; a movement, doubtless, anxiously waited for by Mr. Wooton, that he may for a few days officate as acting Governor, not that there is any thing of importance to be done, but then the honor, you know. It is stated that others purpose leaving at the same time, and present prospects are quite favorable for a clearer moral atmosphere this season, than we have enjoyed since the influx of 1858.

Home affairs continue as advised on the 18th inst., and we feel secure and blest in "our mountain home," striving to prepare ourselves for the events that are so rapidly developing for the advancement of the cause of truth on the earth.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young