1861 April 29 Letter to Joseph W Young


1861 April 29 Letter to Joseph W Young


Counsel not to allow strangers into camp as they will steel and cause harm. Aid is sent to form vigilance committees.




Brigham Young
Daniel H Wells


Joseph W Young


1861 April 29


Great Salt Lake City

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Presidents Office, April 29. 1861.

Joseph W. Young,
Dear Brother:-We expect that the roads are infested with travelers strolling about seeking prey, and who may shelter beneath the wing of our traveling camps. We wish to caution you against harboring or permitting any such persons remaining with you either in or about your Camp. They will steal your flour pick up your axes, spades, shovels, cooking utensils, blankets, pistols, guns, tin cups, whip lashes &c. also hold collusion with our enemies, and improve a favorable opportunity to drive off your stock by stampede or otherwise.

No matter with what professions these characters come nor with whom they fraternize for it is possible that they may find associates, acquaintances and even sympathysers in camp.

The bearer of this note will aid you in forming the necessary vigilance committees and in weeding out and cleansing your camps from all such noxious vermin. We require you to be wary of all strangers, come from whatever quarter they may. Let them keep clear of our camps or suffer the consequences for in this matter we do not feel like being trifled with. If any such should persist in following up and hanging about after being duly notified that their room is better than their company, have no misgivings about putting the law of right in force against them. Let them feel that righteous men rule and pre-dominate in all the camps of Israel, and that the fire of the Almighty burns so hot in your bosoms that evil doers and all workers of iniquity will surely be consumed unless they peacefully leave you to pursue the even tenor of your way free and unmolested.

Brigham Young
Daniel H Wells

Copies were also sent to Ira Eldredge John R. Murdock Joseph Horne