1861 May 1 Letter to Peter Robison


1861 May 1 Letter to Peter Robison


Counsel to pay off his debt to James Hibbard thus assisting his emigration.




[Brigham Young]


Peter Robison


1861 May 1


Great Salt Lake City
Corn Creek, Millard County, U. T.


Financial Matters

Item sets

G. S. L. City, May 1, 1861.

Elder Peter Robison,
Corn Creek, Millard Co., U. T.,

Dear Brother:-Br James Hibbard, of Sheffield, writes to br. L. H. Hatch, Lehi, that you are indebted
to him in the sum of £6-, or $30 00/100, for goods and money he furnished to you while you was
in England. He is anxious to emigrate, is poor, and wishes you to pay the said $30.00 into my
Office, that it may be placed to his credit in the Liverpool Office.

Your earliest attention to this matter will not only cancel your indebtedness to br. Hibbard, which certainly should be done at once, but will also materially assist him to deliver himself from
poverty and bondage, and in addition oblige,

Your Brother in the Gospel