1861 May 1 Letter to C. G. Webb


1861 May 1 Letter to C. G. Webb


Counsel to repay James Hibbard and to assist him to emigrate.




Brigham Young


C. G. Webb


1861 May 1


Great Salt Lake City
Goshen, Utah County, U. T.


Financial Matters

Item sets

G. S. L. City, May 1, 1861.

Elder C. G. Webb,
Goshen, Utah County, U. T.,
Dear Brother:--

I have before me a letter written by br. James Hibbard of Sheffield,

England, Feb. 25, /61, to br. L. H. Hatch of Lehi, in which br. Hibbard states as follows:-- "The
wholesale value of the files which br. Webb received from me was £19-19-06, or $100 00/100.
Br. Webb promised to emigrate myself and family, if I would let him have the files." "Br. Webb
wrote to me, Nov 16, 1860, stating that he wanted me to send him word how much cash would
emigrate us, and he would forward the amount and settle with me on my arrival in Zion." I will
here add that it costs about $55 00/100 a head, averaging old and young, to emigrate persons
from Liverpool to this City.

The Church and many of the brethren are making great efforts to immigrate the poor Saints,
and they in their privations and bondage are anxiously looking to us for deliverance, and it
certainly seems very obligatory that all should promptly refund advances and fulfill promises due
to those longing to escape to Zion.

We trust that you will view this matter in the light that we do, and take early steps not only to
repay to br Hibbard the amount he advanced to you, but also to reciprocate by accommodating
him, in turn, with an advance of the amount he may lack to enable him to emigrate.

Please inform me, at your earliest convenience, of your plans in relation to the foregoing
subject, and oblige,

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young

P. S. By same mail I have written to br Wm. J. Stewart of Springville, as he also made promises
to br's Clegg and Hibbard in regard to assisting them to emigrate.

B. Y.




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1861 May 1 Letter to C. G. Webb

1861 May 1 Letter to C. G. Webb