1861 May 3 Letter to Brother and Sister Hoyt


1861 May 3 Letter to Brother and Sister Hoyt


Counsel to keep John Eldredge's children in their care.




Brigham Young


Brother and Sister Hoyt


1861 May 3


Great Salt Lake City
Fillmore, U. T.



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G. S. L. City, May 3, 1861

Brother and Sister Hoyt,
Fillmore, U. T.,:-

In reply to your letter of the 18th ult., from the statements made therein I certainly think it much the best, and such is my counsel, for you to keep with you br. John Eldredge's two children placed in your care by him, in accordance with the agreement you mention as made between him and yourselves. Br Eldredge, like others, has his peculiarities; but I presume that, upon the least reflection, he will also deem it much for the best to have said children remain in your care, where they are blest with a good, comfortable home, and treated with kindness and discretion, affording them most excellent opportunities for becoming useful members of society,
much more so than a present in br Eldredge's power to afford.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young