1861 May 2 Letter to Stephen A. Douglass


1861 May 2 Letter to Stephen A. Douglass


Douglas cannot stay the downfall of a nation which attempts to exterminate the Lord's people. Joseph's prediction is being fulfilled.




[Brigham Young]


Stephen A. Douglass


1861 May 2


Great Salt Lake City
Chicago, Illinois



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G. S. L. City, May 2, 1861.

Hon. Stephen A. Douglass,
Chicago, Illinois,

Sir:-It would seem that the States are about to "apply the knife and cut out the loathsome ulcer." (your Springfield speech in 1857). Does not the "ulcer" prove to be located in a different part of the body-politic and to be more deeply seated than you was then aware of? Alas for human boasting, and the pride of a great Nation in its wickedness, how soon the withering touch of the Almighty can deplete an "overflowing treasury," and turn State against State in fratricidal slaughter! And do you think that your feeble influence can stay the decreed and hastening downfall of our Republic! Silly demagogue, it can no more do so than it could compass the extermination of those the Lord has chosen to bless.

Do you not begin to realize that the prediction of the Prophet Joseph Smith, personally delivered to you, has been and is being literally fulfilled upon your head?

Why have <you> barked with the dogs, except to prove that you were a dog with them?