1861 May 6 Letter to Peter Maughan


1861 May 6 Letter to Peter Maughan


Orson Arnold is to collect tithing donations in the north. Donations should be fresh.




Brigham Young


Peter Maughan


1861 May 6


Great Salt Lake City
Logan, U. T.



Item sets


G. S. L. City, May 6, 1861.

Bishop Peter Maughn,
Logan, U. T.,

Dear Brother:-The bearer, br. Orson Arnold, is employed by me to collect and bring in, as often as he can make the trip, say once in about ten days, all the butter and egg tithing of the Wards north of this City, and such other Tithing as he can at any time bring. Under this plan I wish you to make arrangements to have all tithing of the aforenamed description gathered to Logan from such settlements as br. Arnold can not conveniently reach, at such stated times for each trip as will best suit him. Please instruct the sisters to have the butter fresh made for each trip, and with very little salt, that we may receive it fresh and good; request them also to be careful to send only new laid eggs, for stale eggs and rancid butter do not pay for transportation.

Brigham Young
Trustee in Trust.