1861 April 22 Letter to Joseph W. Young


1861 April 22 Letter to Joseph W. Young


Instructions to bring Brigham's sister, Catherine Woods, to Utah.




Daniel H Wells


Joseph W. Young


1861 April 22


Great Salt Lake City


Financial Matters

Item sets

President's Office,
Great Salt Lake City, April 22, 1861.

Joseph W. Young Esqr.

Dear Brother:-Br. Paul A. Schettler will drive my team down in connection with Adam and Joseph Sharps' of the 20th Ward. It consists of 4 yoke of oxen with yokes (continues) (letter same as page 769)

Addenda to John Titcombe
Brother Joseph W. Young has a copy of the foregoing instructions and as he will be full of business I wish that you would interest yourself in the matter enough to see that it is all right and safely packed and assist him all you can in the matter

Now there is another matter to which I wish to direct your attention and also bro Joseph's of which he at present knows nothing. Since he left this spring I received a letter from my sister Catherine C. Woods, who lives at Burlington, Iowa, She is in quite poor health, and in answering her letter I invited her to pay me a visit and to come on this year with our emigration but of course have not received any response neither can I in time to advise you therefore wish to make the necessary arrangement with you to bring her, and whoever she might bring with her without further advices from me, to accommodate this matter it might be necessary to use the hundred dollars I sent by Bro Joseph for extra light wagon for her accommodation and to divide the team. I wish to say that if such a remarkable contingency should arise of which I must confess I have but very faint hopes but which I can truly say I sincerely wish might be the case, I wish it distinctly under-stood that so far as may be necessary that you are at liberty and it is my wish that you and Bro Joseph shall use my means and interest to bring her as comfortable as possible. You will what I tell you about this matter before you go and when you get to Florence show this to Bro Joseph W. Young that he may know all about it.

Any attention, trouble or expense incurred on account of my sister, and such others as may come with her coming here by you or any one else will be truly appreciated and cheerfully paid by me, and I will be thankful for the privilege

May God bless you,

Daniel H. Wells