1861 May 15 Letter to William H Hooper


1861 May 15 Letter to William H Hooper


Three drafts are drawn on Hooper. If he is short on funds he can arrange for creditors to take his draft on the Government.




David O. Calder


William H Hooper


1861 May 15


Great Salt Lake City


Financial Matters

Item sets

Great Salt Lake City, May 15, 1861.

Hon. W. H. Hooper,

Dear Brother:
President Young and Company started on their southern tour this morning. You were written to on the 11th inst. by pony express. Henry W. Lawrence has been advised that in the event of you not getting the money appropriated by Congress on Indian War account, or on Superintendent Young's account to make some arrangement with you to get your drafts on the Department, if merchants will take them, and thereby supersede the necessity of giving notes drawing interest.

On the 3rd inst. President Young drew upon you drafts No 193 favor of Livingston Bell & Co. for $1329.65 and draft No 194 favor of J. B. Kimball & Co for $306.00. Three drafts were drawn presuming that you would have funds before their presentation. If you cannot honor them with the cash try and effect an arrangement by which they will take your draft on the department.

Excuse haste
Your Brother in the Gospel,

David O. Calder