1861 May 29 Letter to Brigham Young


1861 May 29 Letter to Brigham Young


Father Woodruff and Father Chase died and a young boy was seriously scalded. Updates are given on manufacturing, construction and financial matters.




H. B. Clawson


Brigham Young


1861 May 29


Great Salt Lake City


Financial Matters
Building and Construction

Item sets


Great Salt Lake City May 29th, 1861

Prest. B. Young.

Dear Brother
Believing that you would like to hear from home even if there was nothing very important to write I improve the opportunity afforded by the express to send you a few lines.

The family are full with the exception of a sort of epedemic cold that is going the rounds some of the children have had it and recovered and others are having it however it is not considered very serious. Joseph & Brigham & families are well Willie Alice's boy got his hand and arm nearly up to his elbow scalded very bad about a week ago. it is doing well as can be expected.

Father Chase died on Sunday night at 1/2 past 9 oclock and was buried on Tuesday morning at 9 oclock We sent the carriage and omnibus to the Funeral.

Father Woodruff died yesterday and was buried this afternoon. but as a general thing the health of the people in the city is good.

Business at the mill is good George says that Wheat is coming in <in> considerable quanties.

Bro. George Romney tells me that the work on the Porch is going on as well as can be expected his only trouble is getting the lumber fast enough. The outdoor work is going on steadily under the direction of Bro Packs.

The carding Machine is doing firstrate, I have not let out any rolls as yet and I did not intend to until your return unless I received further instructions in regard to the matter The [gap in typescript] Rolls are being carefully stored away.

After consulting with Bro. D. O. Calder it has been decided to send The draft of Gov Cummings for $233.33 on to Henry Lawrence for him to draw the money as we could not get it cashed and we thought it would be the surest way to have the draft presented at the Sub Treasury office for payment before Gov Cumming should settle a/cs at the Office

Everything is quiet in the city and people generally appear to be attending to their own business

The boys in the Office are all well together with their families. And they unite in sending their Love & Respect to yourself and the Brethren with you.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

H. B. Clawson