1861 June 9 Letter to William H Hooper


1861 June 9 Letter to William H Hooper


Brigham returns from a success visit South. The balance of money left in Hooper's care should be forwarded to Liverpool.




Brigham Young


William H Hooper


1861 June 9


Great Salt Lake City
Cincinnati, Ohio


Financial Matters
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Great Salt Lake City
June 9, 1861 Sunday P. M

Hon. Wm. H. Hooper, M C.

Dear Brother:-I arrived home yesterday afternoon at 6 O'Clock after a very pleasant journey south as far as the Santa Clara, having traveled near eight hundred miles in twenty five days. With but one exception the Camp enjoyed excellent health. The Saints South were glad to see me, and I believed my visit to them will do them much good.

Your letter of May 24th, per pony express, is received. The balance of money in your hands after the payment of the merchandize, &c., purchased by Henry W. Lawrence, as per bills sent him from here, and that purchased for me by you and the payment of the drafts of which you have been advised, I wish deposited in the Liverpool Office, and request you to take such steps, as shall be most safe and cheapest to forward the amount to Geo Q Cannon. If you have to pay a premium for drafts perhaps freighting the specie would be cheapest, but of course you being on the ground can best judge of the matter.

Please notify Geo. Q. Cannon accordingly and tell him to keep the amount subject to my order.

I wish you to arrive home in July.

Your Brother in the Gospel.

Brigham Young

care of Hunnewell Hill & Co.
Cincinnati Ohio