1861 June 13 Letter to George Q. Cannon


1861 June 13 Letter to George Q. Cannon


A draft is draw on Cannon and William Hooper is instructed to deposit a large sum with him.




Brigham Young


George Q. Cannon


1861 June 13


Great Salt Lake City
Liverpool, England


Financial Matters

Item sets

G. S. L. City, June 13, 1861.

Pres George Q. Cannon,
42 Islington, Liverpool, England,

Dear Brother:--

You will learn the present home news from my accompanying letter to brs. Amasa and Charles.

I have drawn upon you draft No 195, for L2-0-0, favor of Sarah Murray, Regent St., Stone house, near Strand, Gloucestershire, England.

I have instructed br. William H. Hooper to deposit some $40,000,000/100 more or less, with you to credit of Trustee in Trust. The knowledge of the last named item I wish strictly confined to yourself alone, so far as Office business will permit, and instruct the clerks accordingly, as otherwise it might cause mistaken impressions and a consequent flood of applications for assistance. I will, from time to time, direct the disbursement of the aforesaid amount, should be. Hooper succeed in making the deposit as advised.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young