1861 August 25 Letter to Amasa M. Lyman, Charles C. Rich, George Q. Cannon


1861 August 25 Letter to Amasa M. Lyman, Charles C. Rich, George Q. Cannon


John Tobin is excommunicated. Updates are given on the emigration and on Brighams trip south. The east and west telegraph lines will soon connect. Loius Bertrand's writing should be reviewed before publication.




Brigham Young


Amasa M. Lyman
Charles C. Rich
George Q. Cannon


1861 August 25


Great Salt Lake City
Liverpool, England


Church Discipline

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G. S. L. City, Aug. 25, 1861.

Presidents Amasa M. Lyman, Charles C. Rich, and George Q. Cannon,
42 Islington, Liverpool, England

Dear Brethren:-Br. George Q's favor of July 12, and your joint favor of July 29 (with inclosure from br. C. C. Rich) are at hand, and your views, feelings, and proceedings, as therein reported, are very satisfactory.

On the 22nd inst. I wrote to br. George Q. a full detail of the condition of the Trustee in Trust's deposit account up to date, as shown in our books, so far as concern's the Liverpool Office. As I then purposed writing again in a few days, I preferred forwarding that letter unincumbered with news and other details, that it might be more conveniently referred to on the business items it contains.

In regard to John Tobin's case, I wish you to publish him in the "Star" as cut off from the Church, for what he was cut off, and forbid any Elder in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Satins baptizing him, until he makes satisfaction to the authorities in your Presidency and the parties concerned.

Elders Jones, Gates, and Spencer arrived on the 15th inst., and Cap. David H. Cannon and company on the 16th.

Br. Joseph W. Young wrote from Laramie, Aug. 16, that all the Companies had passed that point, except his train he expected there in a day or two. All reports agree in representing our immigration as getting along remarkably well, and the animals generally in good condition. It is very remarkably well, and the animals generally in good condition. It is very gratifying that the train sent from here was able to bring all from Florence who were there wishing to come, in addition to all the freight sent for.

On Sunday last a list of names was read of several persons selected to make a settlement in Uinta Valley, and others wishing to join were invited to hand in their names, it being designed to make a pretty strong settlement in that Valley this Fall.

Since my return from our southern settlement, in company with Pres. Kimball, George A., and others, I have held meetings in Springville, Lehi, Centerville, Farmington, and Tooele. In all these places the brethren seemed greatly rejoiced with our visiting them and speaking to them, and appeared to pay that attention to our instructions that warrants us in hoping that many will profit by them. On the 6th of next month I purpose, with a few of the brethren, visiting Ogden and the settlements north of there and in Cache Valley, and holding meetings in as many places as time and other circumstances will permit.

The telegraph companies east and west are making strenuous efforts to join their lines in this City before rough weather, and expect to have every thing in good working on or before the 1st of December. next. Mr. Creighton, the Agent on the line between this City and the Missouri River, informs me that he expects the wire is now stretched as far as Deer Creek, and much work done this side, nearly all the poles delivered from here to Bridger, and a heavy force at work between Deer Creek and the South Pass, with the expectation of soon having the wire and an operating station at Rocky Ridge, which will give us news from Washington in about three days.

Br. George Q.:-- By letter from br. Louis A. Bertrand, Paris, July 26, I learn that he is writing and publishing considerably, and now has a large amount of manuscript that he wants to print. I know nothing of what he has written, nor how he has written it, and wish you not to print any of his writings, and not to furnish him any money with which to get them printed, unless they are first submitted to yourself and br's Amasa and Charles, and meet your full approval as to being correct and promising to be of benefit if printed.

Your families and friends are well, so far as I know, as are also the people generally.

Praying that all needed blessings may attend you and your efforts for the advancement of truth, I remain

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young