1861 June 19 Letter to Joseph W. Young


1861 June 19 Letter to Joseph W. Young


Instructions for the emigration including care for a valuable carriage, bringing the family of David Day, purchasing items and paying bills.




Brigham Young


Joseph W. Young


1861 June 19


Great Salt Lake City
Florence, Nebraska


Financial Matters

Item sets


G. S. L. City, June 19, 1861.
Elder Joseph W. Young, care of
Wm. M. Pyper, Florence, N. T.
Dear Brother:

We were much pleased to learn, by your letter from Laramie, that yourself and company had so generally enjoyed good health, that your animals were in such good condition, and that you had made such good progress.

Br. W. H. Hooper has recently advised me that he has purchased a valuable carriage and a considerable amount of carpeting, and, lest damage might occur to said property, a few suggestions are forwarded for your observance. The wood work of the body of the carriage should be entirely covered with cloth, say common factory or domestic, and the spokes, hubs, reach, axles, pole, in short all the wood work of the running gears, except the feloes, should, be wrapped with strips of domestic. When the carriage is thus prepared for rolling, pick out a perfectly gentle span of horses or mules to haul it, and put a careful driver in charge, to be kept under your immediate oversight. See that not a pound of any kind of loading is put in the carriage, unless the harness bought for it is packed in sacks, in which case the sacks may be carefully placed inside between the seats and ride there, seeing from time to time that the sacks do no harm.

In packing the carpeting, stuff a liberal portion of camphor gum into each roll to keep out the moths. Bring with you all the Church mules and horses bought of the Elders by br. George Q. Cannon, and such harness and wagons, pertaining to that purchase, as are worth bringing, loading them with goods, people, &c. On your return

I wish you to bring Sister Charlotte Day and her five children; Sister Day is at Wood River Center, and is the wife of David Day, lately from Cape Colony, Africa, who was recently drowned in a slough near Wood River. I also wish you to purchase the articles named in the accompanying bill, so far as they can be bought in Council Bluffs City, or Omaha; or any other place handy by, and draw on br. Wm. H. Hooper or br. H. W. Lawrence for funds to pay for the purchases you make as by said bill. Should br's Hooper and Lawrence have passed beyond your reach upon receipt of this, draw a draft upon me for the amount, and I will see that it is promptly paid. Such portions (if any) of the inclosed bill as you may be unable to fill in the places above designated, I wish you, if not too late, to forward to br. A. R. Wright, or br. W. S. Godbe, St Louis, with request for them to fill and forward to you or bring, as the case may be. Should you forward to br. Wright or Godbe, you will also need to forward the probable amount of means to make the purchase, the means, as before stated, to be obtained from br. Hooper or Lawrence; or, should they have left, br Wright or Godbe may be able to make payment of the amount either of them purchase, by your request, by a draft upon me, which, as before remarked, I will promptly honor.

Home affairs are prosperous, and your family and friends and the people generally are well

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young Sen