1861 June 26 Letter to Hannah A. Candland


1861 June 26 Letter to Hannah A. Candland


Candland's husband is a good man trying to start over in a new location and business. She is counseled to return and make an effort in the marriage.




Brigham Young


Hannah A. Candland


1861 June 26


Great Salt Lake City


Domestic Dispute

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G. S. L. City, June 26, 1861.

Sister Hannah A. Candland:-

In reply to your note of the 22nd inst., I have to inform you that I deem br. David to be a good man, and think it doubtful whether you will be able to get a better one, for which reasons I consider it much the best for you to go back to your husband and listen to his counsels, ever bearing in mind that all human associations require mutual forbearance to secure mutual tranquility. It would also be well to reflect that br. David is striving to make a start in a new location and in a business new to him, which will require time, much labor, self denial, patience, and economy, and in all which it seems but right that you should assist in accordance with your capacity, position, and relationship to him.

Should you conclude to return to your home, as herein advised, you will doubtless, by inquiring, find an opportunity to go with some of the teams hauling tithing from Sanpete, should you not sooner meet with a more favorable opportunity.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young