1861 July 2 Letter to Dwight Eveleth


1861 July 2 Letter to Dwight Eveleth


Brigham visited the south and encouraged the brethren to produce rare crops. A tithing receipt is sent and financial account settled. Utah thrives while the States are on the verge of war.




Brigham Young


Dwight Eveleth


1861 July 2


Great Salt Lake City
San Francisco, California


Financial Matters

Item sets


G. S. L. City, July 2, 1861.

Elder Dwight Eveleth,
San Francisco, California,

Dear Brother:-Your welcome favors of April 1st and 15th and May 28th (with its inclosures) came safe to hand, and the two former would have received an earlier acknowledgement, but for my absence on a trip to the Southern part o four Territory. I left this City on the 15th of May, in company with a goodly number of brethren, and visited our extreme southern settlements, held meetings in mostly all the settlements we passed through south of this County, and returned on the 8th of June, having been absent 25 days. The brethren in all places greeted us with gladness, and seemed to be striving to improve upon the many blessings with which we are privileged here in the mountains.

We found the soil and climate south of the Basin rim and admirably adapted to raising cotton, cane, grapes, tobacco, and other products not so easily produced in a higher latitude and altitude, and consequently the brethren in those regions were advised to turn a good share of their attention to producing those regions were advised to turn a good share of their attention to producing those articles, with a view to supplying the demand for domestics, sugar, molasses, wine, raisins, &c., to settlements where those articles can not be so advantageously produced. Br Ebenezer Hanks, with whom I presume you are acquainted, is now busily occupied in starting a cotton factory in Parowan, Iron County, and expects to begin to supply cotton yarn, batting and cloth, in more or less quantity, this Fall. This is another home step in the right direction, and we expect that the raising and manufacture of cotton will rapidly increase until the home demand is supplied.

A certificate, in your favor, for $100 paid by you on tithing, is herewith forwarded, also an order in your favor, on br. J. M. Ide, for $200 00/100, which closes br. Meeder's a/c pertaining to the $500 loaned to the Deseret News Office.

Our latest eastern dispatches bring no word of any general engagement between the U. S. and C. S. forces, so late as June 21, but a continuation of skirmishes here and there, particularly in Virginia and Missouri. In the meantime Utah, throughout all her settlements, and especially in this City, is making preparations for celebrating the 4th with a Spirit appropriate to he day I have a letter, of May 13, from br. Gibson, which I also answer by this mail, directing to him to your care, as he may have left California ere this mail reaches there.

Prospects continue favorable for abundant harvests, and numerous public and private improvements are being prosecuted. This week it is expected that our paper mill be put in operation, and labor again begin to be expended on the foundation walls of the Temple. Thus you perceive that while others are lavishing their means and lives in war, the inhabitants of Utah are striving to build and adorn beautiful peaceful, and Constitutional homes in the Tops of the Mountains, with a view to assist the truth-loving and law-abiding of every clime and nation.

Ever pleased to hear from you, and pleased to respond promptly whenever at home,

I remain,
Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young