1861 July 6 Letter to Andrew Moffitt


1861 July 6 Letter to Andrew Moffitt


Labor tithing may be used for Church construction projects. Settlers should build in close proximity for safety. July 4th is celebrated.




Brigham Young


Andrew Moffitt


1861 July 6


Great Salt Lake City
Manti, Sanpete County, U. T.



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G. S. L. City, July 6, 1861.

Bishop Andrew Moffitt,
Manti, Sanpete Co., U. T.

Dear Brother:-I wrote to you a few days ago, sending my letter by br. B. Snow, and now take pleasure in replying to your welcome favor of June 29, received July 5. We were pleased to learn that the health of the people was good, and that they were so busily engaged in useful pursuits.

I approve of your plans and efforts for finishing the Council House, and you are at liberty to apply labor tithing upon that and other Church improvements, according to your judgement, so you do not let the amount so applied curtail the delivery here of your
tithing grain, &c.,

We do not expect you to so hasten the building of your meetinghouse as to interfere with other important labors and duties that are crowding for earlier attention.

The brethren can build on their City lots whenever they please, but in doing so my advice is that they do not skip lots and build scatteringly, some going at once away off on the outskirts, but build up the place lot by lot as much as possible. They are also at liberty to make such disposition of the old fort wall as they may prefer.

The 4th was celebrated here with much ceremony, as you will perceive in the papers, and without any jar or accident, except some injury to a boy by the explosion of some powder in his hands, and the blowing off a finger and injuring the arm of a br. James Brown, 15th Ward, by the premature explosion of the last sunset gun.

Good health, a busy people, peace, and prosperous affairs are among the rich blessings conferred upon us.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young