1861 July 8 Letter to Thomas R. King


1861 July 8 Letter to Thomas R. King


Brigham knows little about Daniel Olsen but believes he is on a more commendable life course. His daughter is interested in marrying him.




Brigham Young


Thomas R. King


1861 July 8


Great Salt Lake City
Fillmore, Millard County, U. T.



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G. S. L. City, July 8, 1861.

Elder Thomas R. King,
Fillmore, Millard County, U. T.,

Dear Brother:-In complyance with br. Daniel Olsen's request, I address you a few lines, for my acquaintance with and knowledge of br. Olsen is too limited to admit of my writing much about him.

I am informed that some two or three years ago, while the gentiles were here, he was more or less employed by them to play in their parties, but I have not learned that he was in any way seriously intermixed in their affairs or society. Of late I hear that he is inclined to pursue a more commendable course, evincing a disposition to occupy his time and energies more steadily in some laudable avocation for a livelihood, which course it is to be hoped he will continue and improve in, that he may be useful in society and honor the cause in which we are engaged.

He wishes to marry our daughter, and desired me to recommend him to you, but when it comes that I can only inform you of my practice in such cases; when my daughters wish to marry I permit them to exercise their own choice, for they are certainly the parties most concerned, simply giving them such counsel upon the point as my judgement may at the time dictate.

Deeming that writing but little concerning a person that I know but little about, and that little mostly hearsay, fulfills my engagement,

I remain,

Your Brother in the Gospel