1861 July 13 Letter to Orson Pratt


1861 July 13 Letter to Orson Pratt


Many of those gathering to emigrate lack the means for an outfit. Brigham visits many settlements. Pratt should retain the tithing. Elders should return home if conflict increases in the States.




Brigham Young


Orson Pratt


1861 July 13


Great Salt Lake City
New York City


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G. S. L. City, July 13, 1861.

Elder Orson Pratt,
Post Box 3957, New York City,

Dear Brother:-Your welcome favor of July 14 came to hand on the 10th inst., and on the 12th I received a letter from br. Joseph W. Young, written in Florence, June 21, from which we learn that a considerable number are about concentrating in Florence for the plains, and a large portion of them without any means for an outfit. This will place br's Jones, Gates, and Joseph W. in a very close place, for no word went forth from here concerning any Church assistance this season, further than a large amount of transportation and a considerable quantity of flour. Of course tents, meat, the necessary clothing, &c., for so large a number, and all requiring cash to procure, could not be provided for either from here or the Liverpool Office, for we had not the money. Notwithstanding this, we are in hopes that the spirit of mutual assistance among those concentrating in Florence, a willingness in the destitute to start with only what is absolutely necessary for the plains, and to walk as much as able, and the counselings and plannings of the brethren above named, and others there of faith and wisdom, may enable the largest possible number, if not all, to come through this season.

I was much pleased to learn that br. N. V. Jones had been blest in conducting our immigration operations in New York "in the most admirable manner."

On the 13th of June, the first mail after my return from my southern trip, I replied to the letter received from you and br. Erastus, dated April 29 and 30, which, as stated in my reply, arrived during my absence. In that reply, among other matters, I gave a brief sketch of our trip South, leaving here on the 15 of May and returning on the 8th of June, which I trust came safe to hand. Since my return, in company with Pres. Kimball, Elders George A. and Woodruff, and a few other brethren, I visited Springville on the 21st ult. and [sentence cut off], and on the 30th br. Kimball and myself preached to the brethren in Centreville, and dedicated their new meeting house. A week from to-day I purpose visiting Lehi, with br. Kimball and a few other brethren, and holding a two days meeting there.

The public buildings, quarters, &c. &c., &c., at Camp Floyd are advertised for sale on the 16th inst. "to continue until the whole is sold.

As heretofore advised, I wish you and br. Erastus to retain the tithing money you now have and what other you may receive subject to my order, as I do not yet know in what direction it will be most required.

I presume you both remember that at the time you left you were granted the privilege to stay as long as you pleased, and to return when you pleased, which liberty, as in my two last letters to you, is again renewed, doubting not but that the Spirit will dictate you aright in this matter in accordance with the circumstances surrounding you.

Also please counsel all the Elders to be on the watch to keep an open retreat for home, should increasing strife and bitterness or other causes, at any time render useless a longer stay in their fields of labor in the States.

Haying and grain harvesting have commenced, with a general prospect of abundance, and, so far, but little complaint about smut in the wheat.

Your families, so far as I learn, are well, as are also your friends and the people

Your Brother in the Gospel

Brigham Young