1861 July 12 Letter to Peter Maughan


1861 July 12 Letter to Peter Maughan


Advise to be kind without judgement or expectations. An update is given on paper manufacturing and the telegraph.




Brigham Young


Peter Maughan


1861 July 12


Great Salt Lake City
Logan, Cache Valley, U. T.



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G. S. L. City, July 12, 1861.

Bishop Peter Maughan,
Logan, Cache Valley, U. T.,

Dear Brother:--

Br's Thomas Hall and Thomas Rix called on me the other day and made their statements about br. Rix's visit to br. Hall, &c. I made some general remarks upon the subject, and said to br. Hall all that I wished to. I now feel to ask you to endeavor to learn to deal with men as they are, and not try to measure them all in your half bushel, for some might not fill it, and others might be too large to go in.

Br. Hall, so far as I know, is a man unquestionably possessed of good motives and can be lead with a hair, but is so constituted that it is worse than useless to try to drive him. In such cases pour a goodly share of the oil of brotherly kindness upon the track of what you may deem the strict line of duty, and you will find your own course much easier, and savoring much more of that fatherly conduct that should characterize all who are striving to be Saints-- especially all in authority.

Matter here are progressing encouragingly for the welfare of those who love the truth, and varied labors are being industriously prosecuted. We expect the paper mill soon to be turning out paper in abundance, if it can be furnished with rags or other suitable material,

The first pole for the telegraphic wire for this end of the line between here and California was set up on the 10th inst., and they are rapidly putting up the poles to meet, in Ruby Valley, another large working party from the West. Br's Little and Decker are fast scattering poles from here toward the South Pass, and other companies are putting up poles and stretching the wire from Fort Karney west, expecting to join with the western line in this City on or before the 1st of December next.

No prominently important events had transpired at our latest eastern dates, Washington, July 7.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young