1861 July 15 Letter to W. S. Seeley


1861 July 15 Letter to W. S. Seeley


Tithing labor may be used to build a road, bridge and meeting house. The work should be divided between wards.




Brigham Young


W. S. Seeley


1861 July 15


Great Salt Lake City
Mt Pleasant, San Pete County, U. T.


Building and Construction

Item sets

G. S. L. City, July 15, 1861.

Bishop W. S. Seeley, Mount Pleasant
San pete Co. U. T.,

Dear Brother:-Your favor of the 29th ult., containing estimates of labor tithing due in Sanpete Co., came to hand to-day, and I take pleasure in informing you that you are at liberty to expend labor tithing (now due), to the amount of $4000 00/100, in making a road from *Thistle Valley to Springville, and a bridge across Spanish Fork. I wish you to allot a fair, in your judgement, portion of the road to each Ward, in proportion to its share of labor tithing due, as shown in your list, and see that each Ward does its portion well, which I presume they will do, for it will be to their interest. In expending the above named amount, I want calculations made for building a good, substantial single track bridge across Spanish Fork, which, if economically done, may cost in the neighborhood of $1000 00/100, more or less, and the remainder ($3000.00, more or less) may be applied on the road.

You are also at liberty to use labor tithing in building a meeting house in your place, to be, say, 35 X 50 feet in the clear, and some 20 to 22 feet between joints.

In regard to hauling tithing wheat, with labor tithing, we expect that you will do the best you can in watching chances and forwarding as opportunity may offer; the way will probably open, as press of other labors relaxes.

Harvesting has commenced with us, and affairs at home and abroad are progressing favorably for the rapid advancement of the Kingdom of God on the earth.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young
*From the North Bend instead of Thistle Valley