1861 July 17 Letter to Judge Phelps


1861 July 17 Letter to Judge Phelps


The law states that if you do not fence claimed property within a year than others may survey and fence the land themselves.




Brigham Young


Judge Phelps


1861 July 17


Great Salt Lake City


Legal Matters

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G. S. L. City, July 17, 1861.

Judge Phelps:-

In regard to the question in your note of even date, if you have fenced the land you claim, and kept it fenced from within a year from the time you made your claim, the laws and customs of the Territory award it to you; but if you neglected to fence it as the law requires, thereby causing your claim to become void, it was open to be surveyed and fenced by others, as other public domain. If the latter be the case, and others have had it lawfully surveyed to them and fenced it, no better way, for you and all parties, occurs to me than for you to leave the unlawful claimants and possessors in the peaceful possession of their rights.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young