1861 July 23 Letter to Judge Carter


1861 July 23 Letter to Judge Carter


Carter is asked to furnish H. B. Clawson money for purchases at Fort Bridger in exchange for a draft on deposits in the East.




Brigham Young


Judge Carter


1861 July 23


Great Salt Lake City
Fort Bridger, Green River County, U. T.


Financial Matters

Item sets


G. S. L. City, July 23, 1861.

Judge Carter,
Fort Bridger, Green River County, U. T.,

Dear Sir:-Though personally a stranger to you, but feeling acquainted by report from Gov. Cumming, Judge Smith, and others, please permit me to introduce to you the bearer, Hon. H. B. Clawson, under my instructions, will endeavor to purchase machinery, tools, and other useful articles, but in the present condition of our money market he may lack funds for purchasing to the extent I could wish. Having surplus cash funds in the East, it has occurred to me that cash here for eastern exchange might be a mutual accommodation; should you view the subject in the same light, and be so kind as to furnish Mr Clawson such amount of money as he may wish for purchases as above, I will at once refund the amount in a draft on my cash deposits in the East.

This and such other facilities as it may be in your power to kindly extend to Mr. Clawson will not only much oblige but be promptly reciprocated by,

Your Friend,

Brigham Young