1861 July 24 Letter to C. L. Peterson


1861 July 24 Letter to C. L. Peterson


Counsel to comply with Little Soldier's demands in purchasing land and making the boundaries very clear.




Brigham Young


C. L. Peterson


1861 July 24


Great Salt Lake City



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Great Salt Lake City, July 24th 1861

Elder C. L. Peterson
Dear Brother:-Your letter of yesterday has just been handed to me, and I hasten to reply agreeable to your request. As regards the Indians, my policy, and my advice to the brethren has ever been to conciliate them, when conciliation was possible, and as in the present instance the demand of Little Soldier is not exhorbitant, my advice is, by all means to comply with it, having a perfect understanding with him as to the boundaries of the land which you buy, have it staked out and the lines so distinctly drawn that there may be no misunderstanding hereafter, when this arrangement is entered into with Little Soldier, it will be best to have as many of his band present as possible, so that they also may understand the matter perfectly.

I wish you to consult with Bishop Thurston on this subject, and say to him that he is at liberty to use Tithing property to satisfy Little Soldiers demand.

Praying for the blessing of God to attend you and all the Brethren, in your associations with the red men, that peace- may be continued to you.

I remain as ever
Your Brother in the Gospel

Brigham Young