1861 July 25 Letter to H. B. Clawson


1861 July 25 Letter to H. B. Clawson


Funds are en route. Arrangements should be made for Charles Decker to haul the purchases to Salt Lake. The Brethren should not bid against each other.




Brigham Young


H. B. Clawson


1861 July 25


Great Salt Lake City
Fort Bridger, U. T.


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G. S. L. City, July 25, 1861.

Elder H. B. Clawson,
Fort Bridger, U. T.,

Dear Brother:-I sent a letter to you this morning, also $230.00 by a Mr. Fisher who claimed to be acquainted with you. Fera did not succeed in getting his money from Mr. Street, and of course did not start this morning, and probably has given up going.

As already advised, it will be well to engage br. Charles Decker to haul in your purchases, if you make any; and if he cannot haul all your purchase, it will be best to arrange with Judge Carter to store and take charge of the balance until we can arrange for hauling it.

Do not bid against the brethren, and endeavor to have them combine and work to each other's advantage, not bidding one against the other.

Majors Clary and Montgomery did not arrive to-day, as we expected and prepared for. I presume they changed their minds and went by the way of Provo Canon.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young
P. S. All well. I inclose the last Extra.

B. Y.